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Covid-19 Update

At these unprecedented times, the health and safety of our guests and staff is our top priority. We hope that travelling will soon become part of our daily lives again and when that happens, we want you to know, that we are ready!

Due to the unique position of Avaton resort and spa, public indoor spaces are limited, allowing our guests to keep a safe distance that feels comfortable for everyone, and focus on the views and spacious outdoor areas. You are welcome to take advantage of the Room Service offer and all meals, including breakfast, can be served in the privacy of your room and balcony, without any additional room service charges.

Utmost cleanliness is ensured by following a strict cleaning and disinfecting protocol of all work surfaces, public spaces and guest rooms, so you can enjoy your vacation care free! All our team members undergo regular sanitation training to ensure effective and fast response to any off – cycle cleaning issues. Additional frequent wash down and sanitation of frequently used spaces - staircases, hand rails, sun loungers etc is implemented.

Special care is given to all spa areas and facilities with frequent cleanings and thorough disinfection after each individual use. Pools undergo chemical treatment which ensures optimum cleanliness and self-disinfection. Personal protective accessories (such as antiseptic gels, disposable gloves, etc.) are available free of charge for anyone who desires additional safety and protection.

Avaton complies with all official protocols and legislation on national and international level, therefore please note, that for 2020 season and during the pandemic, the check in time is moved to 3pm and the check out time to 11am, as required by local legislation. This allows for more time to properly clean and disinfect the room, and provide sufficient airing out, as set out in the cleaning protocols.

Additionally please note, that the indoors hydrotherapy pool and cold plunge pool in our spa will remain closed as per local legislation and until further notice. All other facilities, including outdoors swimming pool, will be working normally while observing all necessary precautions and social distancing.

With respect to travel bans, imposed by various countries and of various duration, we are offering a more flexible cancellation policy, which hopefully can offer more options for our guests to reschedule their holiday.

Stay Safe and see you in Santorini soon!

Kind Regards,